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GoodPlaces is an online marketplace for people to find, list, rent and manage places.

We're an enthusiastic, ambitious start-up, on a mission to revolutionize the way you rent by creating smarter technology to automate and simplify the rental process. GoodPlaces is a simple, intelligent platform where renters and listers connect, share documents, make payments, manage rentals and stay in touch with each other.

We’re passionate about helping renters and listers better manage their rents.

Innovation never ends. This is just the beginning.



We help renters discover the best places to live and work. Tell us what you need and we’ll suggest places matching your requirements. Already have a place? Pay your rent and deposits using a credit card or bank account. GoodPlaces is jam-packed with helpful tools for renters.

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Find Your Place

Browse through thousands of rental listings on a beautifully curated marketplace.

Pay through credit card/bank payment

Schedule recurring rent payments, so you never miss another deadline.

One time/Recurring Payment

Renters can select a option to pay their rent by One time/Recurring Payment.

Split payment

Pay your rent with multiple cards and accounts. Simply choose how much to pay from each card and account and we’ll make one collective payment to your lister.

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Feel free to ask us anything.

Jarnail Singh | Founder
Ph: 416 317 7679
Taran Kaur Gill | General Manager
Ph: 416 278 1304

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